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Absolute Solar is a leading brand in the installation of tried and tested award winning domestic renewable technology solutions.    

Absolute solar Panel Systems

Solar Panels

We have been installing solar panel systems for over ten years working with the leading high quality solar panel brands.

Energie Thermodynamic Solar Energy by Absolute Solar

Thermodynamic Solar Energy

Thermodynamic Energy Systems provide the most efficient transfer of renewable energy to domestic hot water systems.

Prime Hybrid Energy Systems with Absolute solar

Prime Hybrid Energy

Cutting edge renewable technology which puts you in control of your complete renewable energy management.

Find out more about types of Solar panels from Absolute Solar

Absolute Solar works with leading solar panel brands to provide the highest performance solar panel systems for domestic users. 

Our solutions provide cost effective solar power for your home, reducing your dependence upon high cost utility energy suppliers. 

The solar panel systems we install can produce three times the electricity per panel of budget systems.   

Off Grid Independence
Return On Investment

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Household Renewable Technologies

We work with our customers to design and install the right solutions to meet their precise needs, from reducing costs to reducing their carbon footprint we have the right solutions to meet your needs.

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New Build Homes

Absolute Solar works with leading house builders throughout the Midlands to design and install affordable renewable technology solutions which provide modern, low carbon footprint homes.

Construction Line Accredited

Absolute Solar are Construction Line Accredited.

CHAS logo by Absolute Solar

CHAS approved

Absolute Solar are CHAS Premium Plus Accredited Contractor., + PAS 91 compliance.

CIGA approved

CIGA & SWIGA Approved

Absolute Solar are approved installers of Cavity Wall Insulation and Solid Wall Insulation systems.

Customer focused

Working with our Customers

Absolute Solar is family company that values its customers and has worked with domestic customers for over 15 years.

Our goal is to design and install the right renewable or energy reduction solution to your needs.

We specialise in domestic energy reduction across a variety of technologies, from insulation and energy saving through to renewable energy development in solar panels and renewable energy management systems through integrated battery systems.

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Solar Panel Systems
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Absolute solar Panel Systems

Renewable Energy Return on Investment ROI

As renewable technology gains ground, so its cost to install fall. So while initial incentives such as Feed In Tariffs (FiTs), are withdrawn the actual cost to install new renewable technology are falling faster, which means that the return you make is greater.

New technology is now cheaper and more reliable than ever before.  At the same time energy costs are higher that before, and set to increase as we move away from a carbon based energy system, to a low carbon renewable energy one, so there has never been a better time to invest in renewable technologies from Absolute Solar.    

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