FREE Solar + Storage Home System

Solar + Storage Home Energy System

Absolute Solar have teamed up with Prime Hybrid Energy Systems to offer a FREE home solar panel and storage system, for home owners.

Generate and manage your own electricity on your roof, store it and manage your electricity with this innovative home energy system, enabling you to be grid neutral for most of the year.


Key Features

  • FREE: 12 Solar panel array system, on south facing roof.
  • FREE: 2.5KW Battery, with high power output, simultaneous charge and re-charge capability.
  • FREE: my-cloud active management system.
  • Low Cost Renewable Electricity: unit cost is 11.99 pence per unit electricity. 
  • Contract is for 20 years, securing your energy supply.  

    Just complete the simple form below to get your FREE, home solar + storage system, installed by Absolute Solar. *system available to buy from £7,400 outright.

FREE Solar + Storage home Energy System
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