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FREE Home Solar panels and Storage System apply NOW!

Absolute Solar has teamed up with its partners to provide home owners with a free solar panel and storage system. With the growth of solar panels over the last decade demand for solar panels has grown, and this has driven investment in advanced renewable technologies to make the most of the sun’s free energy.

Off-Grid Energy is the goal of all renewable technology solutions. taking a home off the grid system is it is sustainable, not just on a sunny day for a few hours but throughout the year. While it is possible to go off-grid it takes significant changes in lifestyle and technology to achieve for 365 days a year.

The Renewable Challenge

The challenges for solar are that solar energy is produced during the daytime, while most demand from households is during the evening. This mismatch result in generated energy not be able to be used by the home means that home owners are having to buy expensive peak time electricity when they need high levels of electricity, and have a surplus when they do not need it.

The Solution

The solution is to store that generated electricity to use when needed. So that daytime generation is stored and used in the evening, or early next morning. That takes more than just a battery, but a complete integrated system, which can actively manage your energy generation, storage and usage to maximise your needs. The whole system needs to be able to actively manage forward demand and understand where shortfalls in generation (winter) can be filled with low cost (economy 7) electricity rather than use high cost peak time electricity.

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FREE Off-Grid Energy system from Absolute Solar which provides carbon free renewable electricity for 8 months a year.

FREE Off-Grid Solar and Storage System

Our solution is to provide home owners with a FREE integrated solar and storage system using a hybrid energy system from Prime. This system includes a 12 panel system, advanced inverter and battery system, all managed by a smart software system run from the cloud.

Key Features

  • FREE system provides solar pv and battery storage system
  • No upfront cost to customer to install and only 11.9p per unit cost (inc VAT).
  • 20 year contract providing security of electricity supply.
  • Off-grid renewable energy system providing up to 8 months a year off-grid performance.
  • System: includes 12 panels, inverter, battery, remote monitoring, installation costs, and active monitoring.

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