SKYLine EcoBoost Battery Distribution by Absolute Solar

SKYLINE integrated battery UK distributor Absolute Solar brings to the UK market the innovative SKYLINE EcoBoost range of plug & play battery and inverter systems. SKYLINE designed and built by CYG Sunri is the latest Plug & Play integrated battery and inverter solutions to maximise solar panel energy generation. Absolute Solar becomes SKYLINE’s UK battery Distributor.

UK Battery Distributor

Originally established in 1991 as a domestic insulation company, Absolute Solar is a highly regarded and trusted partner within the insulation and carbon reduction sector. Rebranded in 2009 as Absolute Solar the company has been at the forefront of domestic renewable technologies within the UK. As one of the first companies to add battery storage solution to domestic customers homes Absolute Solar identified the challenges which domestic battery storage can cause solar panel installers.

On seeing the SKYLINE range Absolute Solar identified this range as being highly beneficial within the market, solving many of the installation challenges which solar panel PV installers face.

“As a leading installer of solar panel and battery storage systems, we are always looking at proven innovative solutions which enhance customers’ renewable journey. We are delighted to have found this outstanding solution, which combines an integrated and aligned battery and inverter in a single plug & play solution. We have been impressed how SKYLINE works and see this being the next step which solar panel installers will want to be able to offer their customers.

Brian Martin CEO Absolute Solar


One of the major challenges renewable energy installers face is a complete integrated solution rather than having to pull together solutions from either different suppliers or different generation of solutions and ensuring it works first time every time.

  1. Tried and tested technology.

2. Powerful battery storage systems

3. Single point Plug & Play technology

SKYLINE EcoBoost L5 5kW to 25kW All-In-ONE batteries
SKYLINE A6 Home Energy System

Cost Effective Solution for Solar Panel Installers

SKYLINE provides a cost-effective solution for renewable energy installer, removing a huge amount of the labour cost in putting together and configuring the battery, inverter and controller.

SKYLINE solves this challenge by providing a plug & play solution. Simple to install the system is an integrated solution for every solar PV system. Scaling up from 5kW to 20kW is simple, quick and robust in adding extra battery storage, reducing the time it takes to install and configure battery storage to support a solar panel array.

SKYLINE A5 Battery Storage System

Plug & Play Complete Package

SKYLINE battery storage solutions are an innovative range of plug & play home energy storage systems, designed to work with customers existing or new solar panel PV system. As a modular battery system it delivers to installers an innovative battery storage, integrated inverter and control system all in one package.SKYLINE EcoBoost L5 5kW to 25kW RESS battery system form Absolute Solar

Plug & Play technology creates a powerful integrated energy system optimised to customers needs, with modules providing from 5kWh to 20kWh. The SKYLINE energy systems are not just a battery, but a smart battery which manages customers’ energy usage by optimising solar PV generated energy usage to reduce customer utility bills.

SKYLINE Optimisation

SKYLINE’s smart optimisers manages customer’s energy consumption and optimises the cheapest time to recharge your battery from the grid when needed.

SKYLINE EcoBoost Battery Solutions
SKYLINE Inverter, add battery pack as required, 5kW to 25kW

SOLARMAN Smart home system with APP Remote access

SKYLINE is not a standalone battery, but an integrated SMART solution which provides users which advanced software to manage your energy storage compared to their precise needs. SOLARMAN smart home system with APP Remote access to the system, puts renewable technology installers in full control of customers system. Simple configuration and up-time management all in one place for installers to configure.

SOLARMAN also provides consumers with advanced user interface so they can see their energy usage and how the system is optimising their energy usage.

SOLARMAN SMART software with remote APP interface

About SKYLINE Batteries

CYG Sunri Co Ltd

The SKYLINE range of plug & play battery and inverters are made by CYG Sunri Co Ltd, which was established in 1984 and now operates in 80 countries world-wide, employing 3,000 people under 14 subsidiaries. CYG are a leading renewable energy company who have appointed Absolute Solar as its UK distributor.


SKYLINE UK Distributor Absolute Solar

Absolute Solar is a leading installer of renewable technologies since 1991, who install a range of renewable technologies to direct to customers and undertake renewable installations on new and retrofit to existing homes through its construction partners.

Founded by Brian Martin, it is very much a family company with four members of the family currently working within the business. With around forty employees Absolute Solar works throughout the Midlands providing solar and insulation services.

Absolute Solar works closely with leading companies throughout the renewable sector and is delighted to be working with CYG on distributing the SKYLINE range of plug & play integrated battery solutions.

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