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Homebuilding & Renovation Show NEC 28th to 31st March 2019

Homebuilding & Renovation Show NEC 28th to 31st March 2019 Absolute Solar are exhibiting at this national show where last year over 100,000 people came and learnt about how to build, renovate and upgrade their homes with renewable technologies, lowering their costs and saving them money. This year Absolute Solar joins the event, showcasing its high profile green technologies in renewable solar electric energy generation systems Prime Hybrid Energy and solar hot water system Thermodynamic Solar Hot water system from Energie. Both these unique systems provide innovative solutions for home owners in generating renewable energy with highly efficient generation coupled with dynamic management systems which provide energy when you need it. Prime Hybrid Energy System Prime’s Hybrid Dynamic Energy System Read more…

Electric Vehicles #EV on the rise

#Electric#Vehicle#Charge#Points71% of #consumers are considering buying an electric vehicle #EVsaccording to Auto Trader up from just 25% two years ago. But with the growth rate of licensed plug in vehicles is almost six times as fast than that of public charging point locations in the UK, over the last five years this has led to ‘highly dangerous alternatives at home’, with 75% using a domestic extension lead even admit to “daisy-chaining” – the risky practice of using …See more

Hybrid Energy installed into New Houses

Together Housing is installing hybrid energy systems into new houses. This first phase of new build housing by Together Housing will see the installation of solar panels on 250 homes fitted with Prime hybrid energy systems. The panels will be complemented by Prime smart battery storage units, which will enable most of the power generated by the panels to be used in the property during the day and night. Solar and Storage Called Solar & Storage when domestic solar panel array are combined with a smart battery system to create a home power system which supports a homes needs both day and night. The project is expected to save each household up to £300 a year on their electricity bills Read more…

National Homebuilding & Renovation Show #NBSNEC19 28th to 31st March

National Homebuilding & Renovation Show #NBSNEC19 Is the ideal show to see and learn about going carbon and grid neutral. The latest technologies enable homebuilders and homeowners to build or renovate their homes to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills by introducing the latest proven solar technologies.     Carbon and Grid Neutral Home Electricity generation and Storage Using solar and storage systems you can generate your own electricity when the sun shines, store and use it when you need it. Smart storage systems, called dynamic storage ensure your home is using stored and generated energy first, taking you off-grid when possible. With Prime’s hybrid dynamic energy system you can be off-grid for 8 months a year. No bills Read more…