Sustainability Statement

Absolute Solar is a family owned and run company on the frontline of the UK sustainability sector, involved in new build housing insulation and solar energy generation.  We have always believed it is our responsibility have a holistic approach to maintain a sustainable business, considering our people, our planet, and our long-term prosperity.

We believe in thinking, operating, and behaving in a sustainable way, which starts with our decision-making processes from our business strategy and runs through to our day-to-day behaviours and activities as a company. This policy outlines the focus areas of our sustainability strategy.

Absolute Solar’s sustainability policy is focused on, but not limited to: 

Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Zero Carbon Strategy:

Absolute Solar is committed to improving our energy efficiency and reducing our associated greenhouse gas emissions. We will achieve this by continually improving our operational activities, our key priority is our transport operations and considering the feasibility of emerging technologies. We are committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  We will measure and report our carbon footprint and work towards our zero carbon goals.

We are a new build insulation and domestic solar panel installer, making annual carbon savings of 25,400 tonnes (CO2e) a year.

This is achieved by insulating 10,000 homes a year to 2025-part L standards, reducing new build homes carbon footprint by 2.38 tonnes CO2e compared to older homes (2/3rds Co2e saving on older new homes*). We therefore save 23,800 tonnes of carbon per year through insulation. We also fit 1,000 solar panel PV arrays per year each system saves 1.6 tonnes** of carbon Co2 year giving a saving of 1600 tonnes per year.   


Absolute Solar is working towards sustainability through enhancing circularity in its products. We are committed to reducing waste and reducing waste to landfill. We actively engage in improving the circularity of our product through increasing the recycled content and recyclability (working with the UK’s only solar panel recycling centre) of our products and packaging with our partners. Our fit-right first-time quality culture ensures maximum delivered benefit and lifespan of our products, the vast majority of which have 25+ year lifespan.

Supply Chain Improvement

We work collaboratively with all our supply chain partners to actively develop and introduce responsible sourcing, quality, environment, and health & safety management systems, to enhance the built environment within which we operate.  We actively review and proactively manage our relationships within our supply chain to improve our sustainability goals.

Resource Use Optimisation:

Absolute Solar s committed to the efficient use of natural resources and will strive to replace raw materials with post-consumer materials where practicable. We aim to minimise our usage of materials and actively look to reduce wastage in their use. This is achieved through new product innovation, smart procurement, and optimal design to achieve a sustainable outcome.

People & Employment:

Absolute Solar recognises our responsibility to our people, by providing adequate training for our entire staff to continually improve quality, health & safety, environmental and sustainability awareness. We employ and develop people within our business who share our sustainable ethos and support legal, social and industry requirements and to maintain or increase competency levels as the business develops.

Sustainable Values:

Absolute Solar is committed to increasing its sustainable values, and will measure, and set meaningful improvement targets year on year.


This policy is communicated to all employees and available on our website. Employees will be trained and empowered to understand the sustainability policy and strategy.

  1. *Greener Cleaner Change – Home Builders Federation Report – March 2022
  2. **Energy Saving Trust – Carbon Savings from Solar Panels June 2023

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