Viridian Solar In-Roof Systems

Viridian Solar is a UK manufacturer of integrated roof solar panel systems.  Viridian In-Roof solar panel systems are a range of Clearline Fusion photovoltaic (electric) solar panels which fit in the roof. In-roof system take building integration of solar to a new standard.  In-roof systems are ideal for new build homes, saving money on roofing while adding a clean visual look for the solar panel system. Absolute Solar are an approved and accredited installer of Viridian Solar In-Roof systems.

Integrated In-Roof Solar

In-Roof integrated solar replaces the tiles or slates on the roof. So the panels sit lower down in the roofline to look more like an intended part of the house and less like a bolt-on afterthought than above-roof rack-mounted systems. This makes it highly cost-effective to install as you are not doubling up on the installation cost to cover that roof space.

Integrated In-Roof Solar is highly beneficial in building cost-effective attractive homes. It is a viable option for home improvement. Solar panels are becoming a mainstream feature of new-build homes. Kerb-side-appeal is becoming a more important consideration for homebuilders as the visual appeal of solar panels become a major buying consideration for homeowners. Integrated solar into a roof, using Viridian’s Clearline Fusion system provides the highest quality and visually appealing in-roof solar system. 

Viridian Solar In-Roof solar PV systems installed by Absolute Solar

Viridian Solar for House builders

Integrated In-roof solar is an ideal choice for modern house builders. Replacing a traditional roof with a Viridian In-Roof solar panel system is both cost-effective to install and provides a sleek contemporary looking finish to the new build. Viridian’s Clearline Fusion solar panel range also brings high quality and performance roof integration. With powerful solar panels, either 335w and 405w Viridian In-roof systems provide powerful solutions for home energy generation, which can also be connected to battery storage for further grid neutrality.

Benefits of Viridian In-Roof Solar Panels

Here’s some of the key benefits of Viridian In-Roof solar panels for house builders.

  • Economical – In-Roof systems are price comparable with above-roof installation. Making a saving on the traditional roof covering of slates or tiles.
  • Quick to install – The push-fit connections create weather-tight and secure fixing as part of the integrated Viridian system. With systems fittings and flashings clipping-on rather than fitting solar panels onto of a roof system.
  • Compact Power – Industry leading panel spacing packs in more power using powerful 335w or 405w panels.
  • Slim and Sleek – Flat to the roofline with invisible clamps for uncluttered aesthetic appeal.
  • Simple to Install – A complete integrated system with no need for roof modifications
  • Durable and Robust – Wind resistance is more than four times higher than competitor products
  • Universal – Works with slate and tile roofs.
  • Low Maintenance – With solar panels now lasting 30 years+ their lifespan minimises maintenance and as there are no tiles behind the panels to be replaced. This makes in-roof systems low maintenance.
  • Bird Infestation – Attached solar panels can be prone to bird infestation, causing noise, damage requiring costly extras in spikes or mesh. Viridian In-roof system are not prone to birds nesting.

Absolute Solar Are Ideal Partner for House-Builders

Absolute Solar partners with house builders of all sizes and have since 1991. We are compliant with all building and solar installation standards. Absolute Solar partners with house builders to deliver new build homes. Get In touch with us here to learn more.