Loft Insulation Installation in Leicester & across East Midlands

Save money on your home energy bills with our loft Insulation installation

Absolute Solar Insulation

Loft insulation acts as a blanket for your loft space and prevents heat from escaping through your roof. Without loft insulation, you could be losing up to 35% of generated heat every time that you turn your heating system on. Our energy efficiency company offers loft insulation in Leicester and across East Midlands for new builds as well as properties either on a domestic or commercial basis.

You may also be entitled to a partial or full grant towards your insulation, so make sure that you get in touch with us today.

Saving You Money On Your Home Energy

Having your loft insulated by Absolute Solar means that you are able to save up to 35% on your heating bills. Within three years, your loft insulation installation will have paid for itself due to the savings on heating bills. As well as keeping you warm in the winter, it also keeps your property cooler in the summer. Additionally, another way that you are able to save money is with cavity wall insulation.


Attracting Buyers or Tenants

Loft insulation is part of building regulations and is required when you would like to sell or let your home. An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is required and you may not even be allowed to let your property if your home’s EPC rating is particularly low. The thickness of loft insulation is noted on the EPC and low levels dramatically reduce your rating. Thicker loft insulation adds value to your property as well as reducing Co2 emissions by up to 800Kg per year.


Investing in Your Home

For your loft insulation service, our team utilise Knauf™ Earthwool Loft Roll 44 to ensure that only materials of the highest quality are used. As well as having excellent insulation properties, this particular material has no known threat to the environment and has zero ozone depletion and global warming potential.

A typical home should have 270mm of high-quality insulation in the loft, well laid out, with no gaps between and across the roof joists. This will give a U value of at least 0.16W/m2K, which will meet the current and future building standards coming into force in 2025.


Highly Qualified Professionals

As a highly regarded company that provides loft insulation in Leicester and across the East Midlands, we are accredited with the BBA (British Board of Agrément). This means that we undertake rigorous testing and on-site audits to ensure all of our loft insulation installers and admin team are qualified to offer professional advice and services. Our installers are NVQ-trained in insulation and building treatments, along with proficient customer service.

Contact our energy efficiency company in Leicester to discover more about loft insulation installation and how we can help you save money on your home’s energy.