Hybrid Solar and Battery Energy installed into New Houses

Together Housing is installing hybrid energy systems into new houses.

This first phase of new build housing by Together Housing will see the installation of solar panels on 250 homes fitted with Prime hybrid energy systems. The solar panels will be complemented by Prime smart battery storage units. These will enable most of the power generated by the panels to be used in the property during the day and night.

Solar and Storage

Called Solar & Storage when domestic solar panel array are combined with a smart battery system to create a home power system supporting a homes’ needs both day and night.

The project is expected to save each household up to £300 a year on their electricity bills and reduce their electricity based carbon emissions by 70-80%, an equivalent of 845kg per house per year, that’s a total of 633,600kg over the lifetime of the three year pilot.

This shift from solar panels generating around 30% of a homes electricity needs to up to 80% comes from storage of electricity to when a household needs it most in the evenings and mornings. Solar and Battery storage, saves renewable solar generated during the day to use when you need it, makes a huge impact on lowering your utility bills. Prime hybrid energy systems use a smart battery system which actively monitors your energy needs maximising your stored energy usage to minimise your grid demand.

A typical Prime system makes you electrical grid neutral for up to 8 months a year, cutting your utility bill costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

“The beauty of battery storage is that power generated during the day can be stored and used when it is needed, even after the sun goes down.”

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